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 Let's Capture Your Next Speech Sounds!

Serving children with Speech Sound Disorders
Virtual speech therapy available in WA, CA, MI

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I get how you feel

Some moms I know worry about whether their child's speech should be checked out by a speech therapist. They worry if their preschooler is ready for Kindergarten. Or they know their child needs speech therapy; their child even has an IEP for speech and language, but school criteria often limits what and how much speech therapy can be given. Or the family is moving and wonder if they will find a new speech therapist.


One of my awesome young clients was found ineligible for speech services at her school, even though she was hard to understand. Previous speech therapy through her family's insurance had not helped much. That's when her parents reached out to me, even though I am an out-of-network clinic for their insurance. This amazing young girl worked super hard and began to say the /k/ sound -  on her way to saying her sister's name for the first time. Her adult team of caregivers firmly believed it was worth paying out of pocket for this kind of progress.


I know moms' hearts are frustrated about limited school services or by waiting lists at nearby clinics or simply by lack of progress. It's kind of well known that big clinics might see a child for a few months and then require them to go back on the waiting list. Avoid those off and on tactics - connect with a smaller, more personable clinic, where you get service that fits, without arbitrary limits.


Down deep, your parental love and dedication pushes you to want your child to speak clearly, so they will make friends and succeed in school and life. That's your heart!

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Every child
deserves this magic:

their words understood!

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I know speech sounds

Hi, I'm Annette, a certified speech-language pathologist who absolutely loves working with children with speech sound disorders.


After transitioning from a career in child education and linguistics, I’ve had the privilege of providing speech therapy for the last six years for kids, many struggling specifically with Speech Sound Disorders


Speech Sound Disorders include:

  • Phonological Impairment

  • Articulation Delay

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Did you know a hundred different muscles make it possible to talk? From the lungs providing air power, to the vocal cords making pitch, to the tongue and lips shaping that air into sounds, all these muscles each have to do their own job at just the right time in just the right way. Speech is a highly fine-tuned activity!


This means I know how hard your child will have to work to get new speech sounds and patterns. It isn't easy! It takes practice.

And I know how to shape speech work to their current level and be interesting and fun for them. It takes smart practice.


They will get excited about what they can do and what they can level up to next! It takes fun practice.

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Miss Annette was wonderful the two years my son had her for speech. Now is he doing extremely well and has transitioned out of speech and I couldn't be happier. 
- A.B.T.

Kids on my caseload do ‘graduate’ from speech therapy. Even during Covid! And just as an aside, teletherapy work is never masked, so my clients  see exactly what I'm asking them to do, because they can see their therapist's mouth giving them the example.


I wish I could introduce you to two Kindergarten boys who had no ‘k’ sound. I loved hearing what they had to say, but their wonderful, enthusiastic words were so hard to understand! Both got their ‘k’ sound through our therapy sessions (yes, it did take a while, sometimes 'k' does, but they did get their 'k'!), as well as other sounds their repertoire had been missing. 


Now these two boys have a better foundation for much more clear speech! In less than a year. Other children have even more complicated, multiple sound substitution patterns, making them almost impossible to understand.


It takes an SLP who specializes in Speech Sound Disorders to analyze your child's sound patterns, choose an appropriate therapy technique (yes, there are several and they are not all one-size-fits-all), and target that technique to give the biggest bang for your bucks (or rather, the most gains in speech clarity for your child's hard work).

I am that phonology-loving, sound-loving SLP who would love to guide your child in gaining his or her next speech sounds!

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Now is the time!

Online speech therapy isn’t for every child. But many children do make significant progress toward their dream words and clearer speech during online speech sessions.

AnetSpeech provides private pay speech therapy. For those seeking out-of-network reimbursement from their insurance, I appropriate documents with codes that may be accepted by their insurance.


Come, join AnetSpeech! Join the kids who are making steady and sure progress in capturing their next speech sounds!

I've had the
pleasure of a front
row seat watching Annette. My student she worked with learned incredible amounts of sounds and began correcting himself without effort as each session progressed.
- J.W.


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