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Speech Therapy
for Your Child

Virtual speech therapy anywhere in CA, MI, or WA

For kids with speech sound disorders, language delays, or stuttering

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speech therapy for kids

Speech Sounds Therapy

For children whose speech sounds like much younger children, or who are not understandable when they speak, AnetSpeech's specialty in speech sound disorders is a perfect fit!

Language Therapy

Toddlers or preschoolers who are not yet talking are supported by equipping parents with techniques for outside of speech sessions. In-session language-rich activities model for parents new techniques.

Stuttering Therapy

Parents are equipped with evidence-based techniques to support their child who stutters. Children are directly provided with techniques they can related to and implement.

Is your child a late talker 
or hard to understand?

like you
seek me out

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I tell you and your child what you are doing that is great and I work to increase skills the next session.

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Frustrated at being put on a larger clinic's waiting list?

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Feeling isolated with no clinics within driving distance?

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Local school did not qualify your child for speech therapy?

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Concerned your child's new teacher won't under-stand them?

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Fearful that

"gibberish talk" may prevent friendships?

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AnetSpeech diagnoses and treats childhood speech disorders:

  • Articulation Delay

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • Cluttering

  • Developmental Language Delay

  • Expressive Language Disorder

  • Receptive Language Disorder

  • Phonological Impairment

  • Speech Sound Disorders

  • Stuttering

I provide convenient and effective speech therapy for kids online through virtual evaluations, treatment plans, and therapy. My clients work on any of the communication needs mentioned above. I serve clients in California, Michigan, or Washington, any city!


To start, set up a consultation to learn what AnetSpeech can do for your child!


AnetSpeech is a private pay virtual clinic

AnetSpeech can provide a 'Superbill' upon request

Parents can use 'Superbills' to request insurance reimbursement

Let's get started!



"You are doing a great job...I do notice a difference and she's speaking much better!"

~ L.L.

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