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Got Speech Delay? Let's Capture Your Next Speech Sounds!

No speech therapy waitlist. Specializing in helping kids with speech delay capture more accurate speech sounds.


No driving time or fighting traffic. Kids can join online therapy from across Washington and California. Parents can do other tasks in the same room.


Virtual speech therapy sessions. Parents see and hear exactly what their child is working on.

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I get how you feel

Some moms I know worry about whether their child's speech should be checked out by a speech therapist. They worry if their preschooler is ready for Kindergarten. Or they know their child needs speech therapy. Their child even has an IEP for speech and language. These moms are frustrated about waiting lists at nearby clinics or limited school services.


I get these feelings of worry or frustration. I get your many inner questions! Will the teacher understand you child? How can they get extra speech therapy? Do you turn to a private speech therapist? 


I also know that beneath those feelings you have a super hero mom’s deep love and dedication. How else did you make it through a covid school year?!


Down deep, your love and dedication pushes you to want your child to speak clearly enough to make friends and succeed in school. That's who moms are.

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Every child
deserves this magic:

their words understood

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I know speech sounds

Hi, I'm Annette, a certified speech-language pathologist who absolutely loves working with kids with speech delay.


After transitioning from a career in child education, I’ve had the privilege of working for the last five years with kids, kids struggling with childhood apraxia of speech, phonological disorders, speech delays, language delays, stuttering, and social communication impairments.

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Miss Annette was wonderful the two years my son had her for speech. Now is he doing extremely well and has transitioned out of speech and I couldn't be happier. 
- A.B.T.

Recently several of these students ‘graduated’ from speech therapy. And yes, that was even during those crazy Covid remote learning days!


Last year, I had two Kindergarten boys who had no ‘k’ sound. Their wonderful words were so hard to understand! Both got their ‘k’ sound through our therapy sessions, then other missing sounds.


These two boys are now on their way to much more clear speech! All in less than a year.

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Now is the time!

Online speech therapy isn’t for every child. But many children do make significant progress toward their dream words and clearer speech during online speech sessions.


And for many, it's the only way to be safe with the ongoing pandemic. Moms can have their child join speech sessions from home, where they can know exactly what their child is working on, and even get a few household tasks done at the same time!


AnetSpeech provides private pay speech therapy. For those who need it, I provide a ‘walkthrough handout’ on insurance reimbursement questions and give you the necessary documentation to submit to your insurance.


After a long, grueling pandemic year of remote and hybrid learning, many families are concerned about their child’s speech and language development. 


Now is the time to have those worries put to rest and capture new speech sounds!

I've had the
pleasure of a front
row seat watching Annette. My student she worked with learned incredible amounts of sounds and began correcting himself without effort as each session progressed.
- J.W.


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