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Online Speech & Language Therapy Services

Language Delays  •  Late Talkers  •  Speech Sound Disorders  •  Articulation  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)  •  Phonological Impairments  •  Summer Intensive Programs


Let's start with an evaluation to identify your child's communication strengths (so we can tap into them) and weaknesses (so we can offer tailored support)!


The evaluation will help us determine which therapy approach is the best fit for your child's needs and make recommendations for how often speech therapy is needed. 

You and your child's physician will receive a copy of the evaluation report and treatment plan. We will also schedule a video call to share our findings and recommendations with you.

Our Approach to Therapy

At AnetSpeech, we know that new skills stick better when kids are having fun! Our engaging online therapy sessions may include:

  • Play-based therapy activities

  • Your child's special interests

  • Interactive games for drill practice 

  • Sensory supports

  • Parent coaching

  • Homework demonstrations

We can't wait to show you just how convenient, fun, and effective virtual therapy can be! 

Speech Therapy for Articulation Disorders

Does your child have a lisp or struggle to make certain speech sounds like "r"? We will identify the speech sounds that your child says correctly and help them tackle the sounds that aren't clear.


At AnetSpeech, your child will learn how to position their jaw, lips, and tongue to master each tricky sound — and get up to 100 practice trials each session during high-energy, interactive games!

Child working on speech sounds during online speech therapy for kids in California
Child receiving online speech therapy in Washington to work articulation skills

Speech Therapy for Phonological Disorders

Does your child use patterned errors in their speech— for example, always replacing the "k" sound with a "t"? We will identify their specific phonological errors and help them sort out which sounds belong in which words in their brain! 

Your child will learn to correct one sound pattern at a time, using the approach that makes the most sense for them— whether it be Cycles, Minimal Pairs, Multiple Oppositions, or the Complexity Approach. Our goal is for your child to make quick progress during sessions and continue to grow outside of our time together.

Speech Therapy for Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

Is your child difficult to understand due to motor speech challenges? We will help them gain more sound sequences to produce a larger variety of clear words! Our sessions always prioritize words that are meaningful and important to your child.

At AnetSpeech, we use our advanced training in motor speech approaches like DTTC (Dynamic Tactile Temporal Cueing) and ReST (Rapid Syllable Transition Treatment) to help your child coordinate the muscles in their mouth, tongue, jaw, and voice box for speech.

Child receiving online speech therapy for Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Child working on early communication skills during online speech therapy for late talkers

Language Therapy for Late Talkers

Does your child say fewer words than other kids their age or struggle to combine words into longer phrases? We can give them the skills they need to express their needs, thoughts, and ideas!

We take a parent-coaching approach to language therapy for late talkers and young children. This means that we will observe your child as they play, model practical language techniques, and discuss activities that you can do to support your child at home between sessions.

Gestalt Language Processing

Gestalt Language Processors (GLPs) can appear quite delayed, even non-speaking— but they are actually just on an alternate track to developing language. 


Your child may be a GLP if they use scripting, echolalia, or process language in larger chunks. At AnetSpeech, our goal is to join your child in whatever they are interested in and build on their strengths in order to help them develop more original and flexible language over time.

Child working on language development during online speech therapy for gestalt language processors

Summer Intensive Programs

Tackle speech sound progress in just one week!
1 hour, 2 times/day, 5 days

Our summer intensive weeks are perfect for children with articulation errors, phonological disorders, or childhood apraxia of speech (CAS)! In just five consecutive days, your child will make significant progress in developing new sound skills, patterns, or sequences.

Here’s how it works:
We'll kick off the process with a review of your child's most recent evaluation/IEP and some brief interviews. Alternatively, you may opt for a new evaluation if scheduled four weeks prior to your chosen Intensive Week.

Why do an Intensive Program? 
Intensives allow children to make great strides toward their speech goals while still enjoying the majority of their summer break! Intensives take place for one hour, twice a day, for five consecutive days. Parents will receive suggested homework to reinforce learning throughout the rest of the summer.


Reserve your spot today!
If you live in CA, WA, or MI and can commit to attending every session virtually, we welcome your participation. With only six Summer Intensive Weeks openings, spaces fill up quickly— so sign up early!

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