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School Staffing Services

AnetSpeech offers school speech therapy staffing services to school districts anywhere in the state of Washington.

As an SLP-owned staffing company, AnetSpeech brings a unique solution to districts and programs throughout Washington State. With firsthand experience and expertise in state regulations for special education, including pre-evaluation RTI supports, AnetSpeech ensures individualized virtual therapy sessions rooted in evidence-based practices.


AnetSpeech also ensures a streamlined staffing experience for districts by offering personalized support and open and direct lines of communication with Annette, the owner and supervisor. This personalized approach allows AnetSpeech to prioritize quality over quantity, resulting in better retention and superior therapy services!

Our Speech Therapists Are Available For:

Onsite and remote positions
Clinical Fellow supervision
Full-time, part-time, or FMLA coverage
Emergency coverage (evals/IEPs)

Rigorous screening ensures top-notch SLPs for your consideration.

Efficient onboarding ensures SLPs are contract-ready from day one.

Ongoing support provided directly to SLPs throughout the year.

Access to emergency temporary services when necessary.

Our therapists have experience with:

  • Collaboration with school Tier 2 (RTI or MTSS) teams

  • Data collection and intervention for referrals and pre-evaluation determination meetings

  • Implementation of WA WAC 392-172A

  • Collaboration with school MDT teams

  • IEP meeting participation or lead

  • Initial evaluations for communication

  • Reevaluations for communication

  • Evaluations for speech sounds, articulation, language, social communication, stuttering

  • Case management of communication-only students

  • Effective speech therapy interventions

  • Maintaining communication and support to student's team of general/special education teachers and parents

  • Progress tracking and progress report writing

  • Monitoring and adjusting LRE as appropriate

  • Exiting students as appropriate

How a remote speech therapist can work for you:

While acknowledging the growing prevalence of virtual Speech Therapy coverage in schools, it's recognized that some districts still prefer in-person therapists.


For those open to virtual staffing, at AnetSpeech, we provide a personalized and detailed onboarding process to facilitate a seamless integration of the speech therapist into your school.


Ongoing support is provided as schools adapt to virtual therapy. Additionally, therapist rates accommodate districts prioritizing in-person services, reflecting their demand.

If you are interested in learning more about our virtual speech therapy staffing services, please contact Annette Shiley.

Are you a speech therapist interested in joining our team? Click here!

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