Why AnetSpeech?

icon of a purple fishing net
  1.  It's on 'the net' 

  2.  We 'catch' sounds like a net catches butterflies

  3. You get Annette

It's on 'the net'

icon of a purple fishing net

Therapy at AnetSpeech happens in a virtual speech therapy room. It's private and avoids parents having to drive in traffic. We're available to clients located anywhere is these states: California, Michigan, and Washington. 

One dad drove his young client out a few miles to wifi range so they could still go camping and not have to cancel a session.

Teletherapy is efficient, effective, and convenient for busy families.

We 'catch' sounds

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Speech therapy at AnetSpeech specializes in clients who are missing key sounds in their speech, making their everyday talking difficult to understand. My specialized training after graduate school allows me to choose appropriate treatment approaches and techniques that 'catch' and add new sounds in my client's sound repertoire. 

I target the next sound your child doesn't have, to help them say what they want to say.

You won't be shifted around from therapist to therapist, like at larger clinics. Because I am a small, private practice, my clients get me and my personalized attention.

Have a question between your weekly sessions? I can answer your text or email questions between sessions. In some cases, parents and I can set up video homework reviews so your child can practice new skills outside of therapy.

I provide insurance worksheets and help potential clients determine the exact potential reimbursement for my out-of-network private pay sessions. This is a courtesy service, a way I can give you personalized support. 

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On the flip side, outside of my practice, I hear stories of young children with highly unintelligible or absent speech being given only 12 weeks of therapy at a very large clinic, to be told to go back on the waiting list. This type of clinical practice results in extended unnecessary time off, often months, while the child waits for a therapy spot again. AnetSpeech does not subscribe to this model of treatment, which often caters to profits for insurance companies and hospital systems.


Just like you, I care for the actual progress of young speech clients.

You get Annette

AnetSpeech is an internet-based virtual clinic that helps clients 'net' their next speech sounds, with the personalized service provided by the owner, Annette

Ok, yes, you can tell I'm a bit of a word nerd, too, right? 

You and I believe in the transformative power of a great therapy fit.

Let's start soon!

Ready to capture your child's next speech goals?