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Speech Sounds

Are you wondering if your child might need speech therapy?


Recently a mother contacted me because this very ‘I wonder’ question was on her mind. She had noticed some things her child wasn’t able to do with speaking skills. She wondered if she should send her child to speech therapy.

I equip you to move past the 'I wonder' stage and know for sure. Parents tell me they are so relieved when we review their child's evaluation results at AnetSpeech, because then their wondering ends. 

Get my Speech Sounds Download to start learning what sounds your child is expected to clearly make at their age!

What do SLPs (speech-language pathologists) look at to determine if a deeper look (or rather, listen) is warranted?

Watch these videos to learn more about how kids make several key developmental speech sounds:

K Sound

Can your 3-year-old make the 'k' sound? Watch my demonstration using a plastic mouth model for how this sound is made. I'll also share some everyday words that a 3-year-old would use this sound for!

F Sound

By age 3 children are typically able to make this fun 'fffff' sound, almost all the time. In this video I demonstrate how this sound is made. You'll also hear some everyday words that a 3-year-old would use this sound for!

S Sound

Yes, children between 4 and 5 can typically make the 's' sound! Here's a demo with my mouth model to show you how this sound is made. Learn about the two different, and perfectly acceptable, ways to make the 's' sound!

L Sound

Nine times out of ten, a typical 4-year-old can accurately use the 'l' sound, used in 'love' or 'like'. What's the trick to making this sound? You'll hear that and more in this short video.

Sh Sound

Shhh! Sometimes called the 'be quiet' sound by speech therapists, this sound can be hard for young children with a speech delay. Watch this video demonstration to hear, and see, some handy tips for how this sound is made. 

Blends Sounds

Is it the 'back' crayon or the 'black' one? Five-year-olds are typically able to make that distinction in their speech. But watch here to learn about 'blends', or 'clusters', that use the 's' and 'l' sounds. Hear some tips on how to help your child put both sounds together in their words.

Th Sound

During their sixth year of age, children start getting the 'th' sound, and typicaly can master it by age 7. What's the trick? Well, guess what? It doesn't always need the lower teeth! Watch this video for a great mouth model demonstration on how the sound is actually made. 

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