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Hi, I'm Annette!

If you have a child who has a speech delay, is a later talker, or has a stutter, you've come to the right place!


I'm an ASHA-certified SLP who loves working with kids with speech sound disorders, as well as those with language delay and stuttering challenges.

My therapy style is for kids to have fun while working hard. Most children who have speech delays do need to do hard work. But their brains will do more clicking and remembering if they are having fun, too! We take quick game turns in between speech tasks, or we have a full play-based therapy sessions, and we definitely laugh together!

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Annette Shiley

M.A. Linguistics

ASHA Certified
Licensed: CA, MI, WA
Member Apraxia Kids SLP Directory

About Me
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My Interests

As a kid I lived overseas in Europe (with my army family) and as an adult in South Asia, so I have loved getting to travel.


About six years ago fell in love with our PNW coastal weather and mountains. I love hiking, beaches, and taking my adopted cat, Lucy, on backpack walks outside (she also enjoys a quick car ride to the local coffee drive thru!).


Starting in 2023 I have loved volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, both in the stores and on home-build construction sites.

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My Training

I received my Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology at Eastern Michigan University, followed by my SLP certification while working in Washington. I have worked with preschoolers, Kinders, elementary, middle school, high school, and geriatrics.


I have training in Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing (DTTC), as well as in apraxia, articulation, phonology, and stuttering. I've also eagerly absorbed training on establishing a neurodiversity-friendly therapy approach and implementing it in my sessions.


My previous Masters degree in Linguistics gives me an increased knowledge base for assessing and treating speech sound, phonological, and language disorders.


All this prepares me uniquely for children who are late talkers or hard to understand.

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I have deep empathy for parent difficulties in finding local speech services for their struggling child. There is a nationwide shortage of SLPs and availability is a challenge for families. This is part of what prompted me to establish online speech therapy for kids in California, Michigan, and Washington.

Let's chat – I'd love to hear your concerns for your child.


Together we can make a plan to help your child capture more accurate speech sounds, overcome late talking, or successfully manage a stutter.

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